Cryptic #5

Getting back to our roots here, starting off with a bang (or possibly a whimper) at 1A. I've also recently started streaming on Twitch ( ). This Sunday (8/14) I'm planning on constructing a cryptic entirely from scratch live on stream with the help of anyone who wants to join in, starting at noon Pacific. Come by if you want to take part or if you'd just like to watch a cryptic being made. Rood Word Count: 4 (You get whole smorgasbord of them in this puzzle) Full Screen

Cryptic #4

I finished the draft of this puzzle ages ago, but a combination of travel and Covid kept me from getting it up until now. Actually, Covid isn't really an excuse since I was basically sitting in bed for a while, though I wasn't that sick, which is pretty conducive to posting a puzzle, but I never got around to it. It was probably long enough ago that  Juff  probably doesn't even remember test-solving, but his help was invaluable. Rood Word Count: 1? (Probably context-dependent) Full Screen

Chicken Turnover

I wasn't expecting my first full-sized non-cryptic puzzle to be themed,  but here we are. The grid's a little rough in places, but I'm reasonably happy with it for a first attempt. Thanks to my aunt, uncle, and cousin for a test solve while I was visiting them a couple weeks ago. Rood Word Count: 1 (Unless you really don't like thinking about STDs) Full Screen

Cryptic #3

Made this puzzle without a true seed word: just starting putting some words into the grid and let it sort of flow from there, which, I think, led to some pretty fun stuff. (AmuseLabs was being real shitty, so this is getting out like 4 days after I was originally intending.) Rood word count: 1? (depending on how finely attuned you are to adult film tropes)

Cryptic Midi #1

This was the first grid I ever made when I was just playing around with how to make one. I recently decided to clue it, and tried to do so in a more straightforward manner. Rood words: 1 (not much to say about this) Full Screen

Not So Artsy (Themeless Midi)

 I tried to make a full-sized puzzle for my first non-cryptic, and failed, so I set my sights a little smaller (because who doesn't like reduced expectations). Rood word count: 0 (although one entry might make a 6-year-old, or a 66-year-old, giggle)

Cryptic #2

Finished this one a week after my first one, but getting published on the same day, because who has time to actually make a blog (I do; I was just very lazy). Rood word count: 2? (Possibly PG, depending on how you feel about feces)